Plantable Paper?!

by Min

Hi friends!

It's been awhile!  Life has been busy, but caught a little breather so I decided to blog! 

Our friend, Connie Yun, emailed us a few days ago about this thing called Seed Paper.
They're these biodegradable, eco-friendly, plantable papers that have seeds embedded in them.  When they're planted, the paper composts away, and you're left with beautiful wild flowers!


What's amazing is, they print wedding invitations, RSVP cards, business cards, etc!
It's something out of the ordinary to really WOW your guests!
They even make personalized coasters, which can double as favors!!
The ideas are endless.

Visit their website at to see and learn more about this awesome product.  


We are not sponsored by them or anything like that.... just thought I'd like to share =)