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If you've seen my profile on the website, you may have gleaned this information: I love traveling. I've been blessed up until now with multiple opportunities to explore different countries and cultures, and I don't think there's been a single place that I have visited which I have not enjoyed. On that note, I'm a strong believer in weekend getaways and exploring nearby cities. You don't have to travel overseas and speak a different language to find something new and enjoy yourself. Not to mention you won't have to break the bank (always a plus)!

Recently, as much as I've surfed airbnb looking at awesome places for my next trip away with the husband, I've been on the search for a suitable weekender bag. It's not as easy as you'd think to find the right one. You know, it needs to be practical...which means it needs to fit everything you need for the weekend, but still look good. It needs to be versatile and made to withstand getting thrown into the trunk, bus, or train, and it needs to match your style of fashion. In my case, since I'm on the smaller side, it can't be so large as to swallow me up and it needs to be fairly light. See? Not so easy. But after scouring the internet...I've come down to these...what do you think? Any recommendations?