First Blog Post!

by Diana


My arms are trembling as I write this post--for a couple of good reasons... One, it snowed well over a foot here in Northern Virginia and I decided to help my husband shovel the snow not only at our house, but also his parents'. Two, this will be our very first blog post on Hello, Luna!


Min and I have probably had a few cups of coffee too many these past few weeks {hello, Nespresso!} as we prepared for the launching of our website & business. You know you're in for a good ride when despite the countless hours of meetings, researching, creating templates, and obsessing over pins, you remember laughing and enjoying each others' company more than anything else. And while it is a business, we view it more as our journey, and we hope to use this blog to document and share. Here, you'll be able to see posts on DIY projects, event planning, the latest make-up tips & trends, our events that we design, plan  and/or coordinate, our inspiration boards, and of course, we'll be sharing parts of our lives with you as well.

So, yes, we're starting a new business, and we're business partners, but we're friends first, and sisters serving the Body, ultimately. As much as we love planning events and crafts and details and coffee, we know that there will be ups and downs and trials and tribulations; but we will strive to keep each other accountable through it all and hope you guys will encourage us along the way, too!

...and Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not sure what you guys have planned for the day, but I wanted to share a quick DIY gift I made for my husband.

While I wanted to fully show my appreciation for my husband, I recently quit my full-time job, and having just returned this winter from a month long trip to San Francisco and Seoul, I wanted something budget friendly, and moreover, I knew he would appreciate this aspect the most. After some thought and considering that he has recently been working extra long hours these days, I decided I wanted to give him something that could encourage him during those hours that I could not be with him. I knew I wanted to make something that he could place in his cube at work, but nothing too flashy, girly or silly, and I wanted it to motivate him, help him to be reminded of God's grace, and also bring a smile to his face.


And this is what I ended up with. I found the phrase on pinterest. It was perfect because it was short, and to the point. It would motivate him but also remind him to be humble {per Eph. 2:9}. I added the android because he loves everything android, and I knew that little green guy would make him smile. The laptop included is his work laptop because I wanted to personalize the illustration for him. The only thing I purchased for this project was the frame! 

I have to say I'm very lucky to have a supportive husband who always encourages me to pursue what I love to do. He has never once discouraged me during the process in which I left my job last year to become a freelance designer, and continues to show his support for Hello, Luna by being our "#1 Intern." :) Thanks, husband!!

Well, this post turned out to be much longer than I had anticipated. I hope you guys have a great day filled with lots of love! I plan to do the very same! Thanks for reading!