Long time no post!

by Min

Hello friends!

It's almost been a YEAR since our last post! Sorry for the absence!  Life has been crazy for the both of us, but we have exciting news to update you with!!

First and foremost, DIANA IS A NEW MOMMY! 
I'll leave it up to her to share all the cute details... but for now, lets congratulate her!

Secondly, we are going full-time with Hello Luna!
What does this mean?  
Well, more blog posts for sure.. haha.  
For the past two years, we've been doing Hello Luna on the side, as Diana was freelancing and I had a full-time job.  We both dreamed of being able to do Hello Luna full-time, but there were lots of things to figure out.  So, after much thought and preparation, we decided to go forward with it! It's a little scary, but VERY exciting!!  

I'm excited to see where God takes us!
Thank you to those who continue to love and support us.
You guys are amazing!